Sunday, 20 June 2010

A horse is a horse - unless it's a spaceship

I've been wondering about how to run my new Buck Rogers XXVc game, and I've come to a conclusion: if the system is based on Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Second Edition, then I'm going to play it as Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Second Edition.

This basically means that I'm going to treat spacestations as villages, spacebars as inns, and old abandoned starships, asteroids, moonbases and planetary locations as dungeons. Genetic creatures will take the place of monsters and I'll create a bad guy's palace for the final showdown. A palace with robots and lasergun emplacements.

I think that's why the original D6 Star Wars game did so well as it was basically treated as a dungeon bash in space when it first came out. That's how I used it, at any rate.

A horse is a spaceship and a sword is a lasergun. Shouldn't be too difficult.

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