Saturday, 26 June 2010

Roleplaying Games on Channel 4's 'The IT Crowd'

Last night the first episode of the new series of the popular sitcom 'The IT Crowd' was aired and it was, as expected, brilliant. What I didn't expect was for half the show to be taken up by the characters playing a tabletop roleplaying game!

You can watch the whole episode from Channel 4's website, so here's the link for the episode page below, just click the image:

It's just brilliant. Funny, geeky and just... brilliant.

Sorry, didn't realise - the episode is blocked in other countries so this is UK only. :(


  1. Wonderful news! I'll check it out.

  2. Superb! I watched it the other night. I almost felt uncomfortable at points, because it really can get like that. The non-gamer Mrs giggled with glee "It's you and your geeky friends!".

    She's obsessed with the idea I'm Moss+Poindexter+Napoleon Dynamite+Sheldon - all of which are my heroes but don't tell her that.

  3. 'Weeeelll... if it isn't the adventurers what have been causing me all this bovver....'

    Brilliant. My wife said exactly the sam, made fun, then played Warhammer Online for an hour. NERD!! :)

  4. It's a good job there are ladies out that appreciate the geekier sort of fellow. Else we might be consigned to sitting at the edge of the dance floor at our local disco.