Friday, 11 June 2010

The Facebook of Grudges

As I'm enjoying Warhammer Online I thought I'd immortalise one thing about the whole mythos that I enjoy immensley - the 'Dwarven Book of Grudges'. As I do like to whine and moan about stuff I've started a Facebook group page so that everyone can join in. I give you - the Facebook of Grudges!

If you want to get something off your chest, it doesn't have to be just about gaming it can be about anything at all, then join up and get stuck in.

I bought the collector's edition of Warhammer Online. I never paid full price for it, it was just gathering dust on a shop floor in my local computer game store.

It's bloody beautiful, with a full graphic novel, a mouse mat, a wonderful 'Art Of' book and a free minifigure. Oh, the game was in there, as well. It's given so much inspiration for a WFRP game it's not funny.

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