Monday, 11 January 2010

2010 Gaming intentions

Right, so I've got the GM kit for Rogue Trader on it's way to me so that'll set me up for that campaign. My primary problem is that the initial excitement I had for it has worn off over the last month - I've got back into my post-apocalyptic love recently (thanks for that Fallout 3!) and the last couple of days I dug out some very old Mechwarrior material. I used to love Mechwarrior back in the day, doing covert ops behind Kuritan enemy lines. Mmmm... explosive-tipped crossbow bolts...

Then there's Dragon Warriors - I was having another look at that last night and, after watching the classic Robin and Marian movie over the weekend I just want to run that, as well.

Damn my overactive imagination. I'm sticking to Rogue Trader and that's that!

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