Friday, 15 January 2010

A New Gaming Group + Clash of the Titans Trailer

Had the first meeting of our new gaming group last night over a few beers (and JD+C's) and it went really well. The new guy Andy is a nice bloke, has got some good gaming experience and seems eager to play.

As far as the RPG club 'Lichfield's ORC' is concerned these are the first steps. We're not going the whole rented room approach - we're going to start small and see who else we can entice with our gaming prowess. If we attract more people than we can fit into a room then we look at renting, and the fact that we have all agreed on Sunday afternoons/nights for the game time is a bonus. Not only is that easier to manage it also means we can pull a bigger crowd if the club does take off.

Now, I'm going to be GMing the first games and I still have a wish to do Rogue Trader. As it is I want to establish a group dynamic before we delve into the big stuff so I want to keep it simple so we're not spending entire games trying to work out characters and rules. With that in mind I've decided to fall back on the D6 System as I can adapt it to what I need it for and it's easy to run. This way I can concentrate on making sure the group gels instead of worrying about whether I got the rule interpretation right. My setting is post apocalyptic, but not a post-apoc Earth but an entire post-apoc Solar System. Should be fun.

I hope.

And, just so that you see it, here's the new trailer for Clash of the Titans. I'm actually excited about this as it looks like it's going to be another batshit insane fantasy movie, and I enjoyed the 1981 original.