Monday, 25 January 2010

Dragon Warriors: Friends or Foes

James Wallis of Magnum Opus Press has just announced the release of their latest Dragon Warriors supplement 'Friends or Foes', all about the heroes/villains/innocent bystanders you may meet on your travels through the Lands of Legend.

I've not yet bought the book - it's not what this blog is about - but I intend to. I've decided that Dragon Warriors is the game that I am going to buy all the supplements and adventures for as they come out so that I have a complete game collection. I've never done that (although I was two books short of a complete Star Wars D6 collection, until I decided to part with them) and the reason why I'm doing this is not just because it's an excellent game that I really should play more often, but because it's wonderful to be able to follow a game from day one and pick up all the books on offer for it, and not worry about scouring specialist shops or auction websites trying to find that one, elusive book, which is the problem I had with the Star Wars D6 books.

Back in the day I was a bone fide collector of different systems - I never settled on a single game - but now I want to concentrate on collecting one game, and I've decided that game is Dragon Warriors for two reasons; 1 - the books are nicely priced and come out sporadically, giving me time to absorb the ones I have, and 2 - it's a way for me to support the British roleplaying scene.

I'm a patriot. Yay.


  1. Thank you! My children shall eat this month!

  2. I ordered my copy yesterday so that's extra pudding for all of you! Hooray!