Thursday, 14 January 2010

Open D6 *sigh*

Look, I love the D6 system. It's great. I love it's simplicity, it's adaptability and it's ease of use. I ran D6 Star Wars for more than a decade, and also used that first edition rulebook to run all kinds of other settings - Star Trek, post-apoc, fantasy, even my own D6 version of Mechwarrior. I'd go as far as to say that the D6 system is one of the best out there and it deserves serious support.

So after reading this thread over at I can't help but think that the system is in the wrong hands. I've had two projects called 'Scum Of The Universe' and 'Fall Of Progress' in the pipeline, I've even done some serious work on a game bible for the former, with the intention of using the D6 system. In fact, I've had it ready to begin typing up into a game for over a year. I've been waiting on the definitive word that I can use the D6 system for my games but there's been nothing from WEG. Nothing at all.

I gave up a couple of months ago but still had a glimmer of hope but lack of communication from WEG and now this thread, and specificially this post has turned me off it completely.

I know that there's nothing wrong with the system but whilst all this is going on I don't want to use it. I have to wonder how many other prospective publishers feel the same way.


  1. You can actually use the D6 System as long as you call it differently. The rules have been released under the OGL, but there still is no trademark license allowing third parties to call it Open D6 or D6 System.

  2. The whole Septimus fiasco on RPGnet was enough to drive me away. OpenD6 is just cement.