Monday, 18 January 2010

New Games Ahoy!!

Well, we've sorted out the new group and we start next Sunday. As there are new players and I'm trying to settle into a new dynamic I've decided to start simple - therefore, I'm using the D6 System. I sent out the following details of the game to my players:

'I won't be running a Star Wars game - I've done enough of them! - but I will be using the rules to run a short and simple sci-fi game set in our solar system after social and economical collapse and a system-wide nuclear war. It'll be kind of like Mad Max but with spaceships. Your characters will start on a scarred Earth fifty years after the war ended, you'll have to put together your own ship in an old starshipyard (which means the design and stats of the vessel is completely up to you) and then you'll be tasked with flying out to the other planets to see what is left and what is happening to the old colonies, but mainly you'll be finding resources for what is left of the dwindling settlements on Earth. I'll be using the colony/planet stats from TSRs XXVc game so we'll have a proper framework to work from.'

It should be simple to run and that's what I want - simplicity. Once I'm used to the group and we're all comfortable we can have a conversation about what games we want to play and we can plan accordingly. Maybe then I can run Rogue Trader. If we can attract other players we can then look at hiring rooms and starting the club proper.

It all takes time. Rome wasn't built and so on and so forth.