Thursday, 21 January 2010

+NEWS+ 'King of RPGs'

Over to our newsdesk for this news...


From io9 - 'If you've experienced the psychotic rush of role playing games, you know the smiting doesn't stop when the game ends. That's the premise of new comic King of RPGs, about hardcore fandom, gamer smackdowns, and the comraderie of tabletop battle.Written by io9 contributor Jason Thompson and illustrated by Victor Hao, King of RPGs (Del Rey) is a manga-style graphic novel that brings us deep into the monster-riddled lives of four college freshmen - gentle anime fan Mike, aspiring fantasy writer Jen, maniacal RPG game master Theo, and schizophrenic ex-videogame addict Shesh. They meet one evening when Theo is trying to attract people to his game, but they quickly discover that this nerdy little GM is on an incredible quest to find the greatest gamer in the world. That gamer turns out to be Shesh, whose schizophrenia allows him to get so far into role-playing that he can outsmart any gaming scenario - and smash the shit out of anybody who gets in his way.' - Annalee Newitz

Sounds good. Now over to Fatima for the sport.

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