Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I'll keep this simple.

I don't care what you're dong tonight, you will find a way to see Duncan Jones' first movie 'Moon', starring Sam Rockwell. No excuses, just see it.

I love my late 70's - early 80's science fiction, when it was much more story and character driven and stuck in your head for days afterwards. This is the film I've been waiting for for 25 years.

I mean it. See it now.


  1. I second this recommendation! My girlfriend and I saw this at a local theater a few months back. It's incredibly good, far better than the few reviews I was able to find indicated.

    The director actually posts on IMDB. Apparently, Moon is the first of a planned trilogy!

  2. To make you fell better, I REALLY want to see MOON. REALLY REALLY. I will see it too. Even if I have to fecking well buy it.

  3. @ KenHR - Duncan Jones seems like a nice bloke, I follow his twitters: @manmademoon. His next movie is set in a future Berlin in the same universe as the Moon film and Rockwell is making a cameo. Interesting!!!

    @ Rob - Dude, I know you have the love for scifi and you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you miss this. Mate, if worst comes to the worst I'll post you the damn thing!! :)