Saturday, 3 April 2010

Dragon Warriors Resource

A handy resource for all you Dragon Warriors gamers out there - a Wiki!

It's very handy and there's plenty of material on there. I'll copy and paste the blurb on the front page for you:

'Getting Started
This Wiki is primarily intended as a resource for gamesmasters (GMs). If you intend to play the game under an existing GM, do not view the parts of this Wiki relevant to your particular campaign - consult your GM for clarification.
To join this Wiki (participate in its discussions, contribute etc), click the "Join" button at the top right. Joining is free!
The easiest way to see what has been added recently is to click the Updates button on the top menu just under the logo
To navigate the Wiki, use the Navigation box to the left, or click on any of the topics below:

Main Topics
The Lands of Legend with considerable expanded information on the Lands originally described in the Dragon Warriors gamebooks.
The Lore of Legend - Including Magical Items, Mythology, Religion and Spirituality.
Adventures - Online games, tabletop gaming groups, Scenario Ideas and fully developed Scenarios.
Professions - Interpretations of rules and takes on existing professions, and suggested new professions.
Monsters - From the natural to supernatural to the undead.
Rules Interpretations.
A Style Guide - To help new users understand the editing style and terminology of the Wiki.
Miscellaneous Information - Including information on the Dragon Warriors, Bloodsword and other related gamebooks.'

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  1. Many thanks for the kind words about the Dragon Warriors Wiki, Jonathan! It's really great to see people such as yourself enjoying the Dragon Warriors RPG.