Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fantasy to Sci-Fi

I wonder just how easy it would be to convert a fantasy roleplaying game to a science fiction one?

I'm looking at running Traveller after my Dragon Warriors campaign finishes, but I was thinking - we've all got used to playing Dragon Warriors, so would it be possible to modify the system to suit a science fiction setting? Add rules for ranged weapons and starships, maybe even modify or add some new skills and change the aspects of the proffesions. The system is certainly simple enough to modify. I did something similar with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay so that I could run a WH40K and that turned out pretty good.

That's a good idea, that. A sci-fi Dragon Warriors... I'd have to give it a new name. 'Star Warriors' or something.


  1. You'll probably end up with a nasty, butchered mess. Right system for right genre is what I say!

  2. I dunno - Dragon Warriors is very light and is easily adaptable, and I remember AD&D 2nd Ed being adapted for Buck Rogers XXVc and I used that as a generic sci-fi game.

    I don't know - might make an interesting project.