Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A new edition of Dragon Warriors

I've copied and pasted some comments I made at concerning this really interesting topic. I have a lot of love for Dragon Warriors, but I'd love to see a new edition.

'Another vote for Dragon Warriors here. The setting is fantastic and as much as I like the system it is in need of an overhaul and, dare I say it, a skill system. A unified mechanic would be the first step as I've been using the D20 for everything, rather than 2D10 or 1D20, and I've been having no problems with it. It doesn't need extra crunch so it doesn't need to be kind of an 'Advanced Dragon Warriors' but it could do with a good clean.'

'I'd really like to see 'Out of the Pit' and 'Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World' statted out for Dragon Warriors as it's an excellent gaming world with plenty of scope and potential. Combining those two books and making it a sourcebook for a new edition of Dragon Warriors would be a good move.'

'Well, they say in the new Dragon Warriors rulebook that it's a generic fantasy system and they even give examples of established characters of literature from different worlds to give you an idea of the professions. If they did create a new edition they should release more worldbooks for it - sure, concentrate on Legend as that is a brilliant setting, but also bring out other stuff, such as a worldbook for Titan or some other new or existing world.AD&D did it with Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk etc, there's no reason why Dragon Warriors couldn't do the same. If the Dragon Warriors system was tidied up, given a unified mechanic and had the PCs be not so limited by the available professions then I could see that working.'


  1. Didn't they just come out with new edition of Dragon Warriors?

    I didn't realize some people thought the system needed an overhaul.

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  3. It was a new edition but they done nothing with tyhe system - it's the same as it was in the 1980s. It's a great game but it does need a spring clean and a bit of a tweak.

  4. I considered buying Dragon Warrior until I realized what they were charging for the PDF.

    Perhaps I give it another chance when they decide to drop the price a bit.

  5. @Stargazer - It is worth getting. It's a neat little system and the setting is fabulous.

  6. @Stargazer - The Dragon Warriors rulebook is worth every single cent of it's regular price on RPGDriveThru.