Monday, 26 April 2010

Get outta my house!

I've been reading some RPG message boards and one of the most common occurences seems to be problem players and how to deal with them. A general theme seems to be the act of kicking the players from the game, which to me seems a bit strange.

In 26 years I've only ever had to seriously address a player for their behaviour once. It was a game of WFRP and he was desperate to interpret certain skills to benefit his character. After a while I simply said, 'That's not how it's going to be done in the game, so like it or lump it.' We never saw him again, but as far as I'm concerned I never kicked him out - I gave him a choice and a chance and he decided not to attend.

Still, if I had ditched him from the game I wouldn't have felt that guilty about it, especially since his behaviour was being disruptive outside the game as well as during it.

I guess, even after all these years, I still see roleplaying as 'just a game'. I love it, I enjoy doing it, but I'm not going to get bent out of shape over problem players or generate bad feelings. There is no problem bad enough that a quick adult conversation can't cure.

Unless the guy's psychotic, then you just kick the freak to the curb and move house.


  1. We had a player in one group I attended that just wasn't working out - not psychotic but just plain dumb. Didn't take things seriously, didn't pay attention to plans, goofed around and generally narked everyone off. As I had originally introduced him, it was down to me to get rid of him but I just wussed out and 'forgot' to tell him when the next session was.

    I suspect that to this day, he still thinks the group broke up after his last session.

  2. They say one bad apple spoils the bunch. Why throw out the bunch, after spending the money (or time to collect) it all, if discarding just the one will solve the problem?

    Unfortunately, personalities clash, and friendships are strained, but honesty is the best policy.