Sunday, 18 April 2010

Shock! Horror!

Well, one of my players in my Dragon Warriors game tonight was badly hurt and mentioned that it may be best that all the rolls were made in the open as he didn't want to feel that I was 'taking it easy' on him. I don't fudge combat rolls so I agreed.

The net result was that this player lost his eye and the other had his hand cut off. Nice one with the whole tempting fate thing, mate.


  1. Ask and ye shall receive!

    Would that have happened if the screens were up? Would you have pulled those punches?

  2. @Matt: Nope - I may fudge a non-combat roll if the story calls for it but that depends on the situation. If I find that the adventure is going to be completely derailed then I might ignore a result. Because I like to keep that fudging secret, that means that I have to make all my rolls behind the screen.

  3. Wow, that's pretty hardcore. I've had plenty of characters maimed like that, but never any players. What weapon do you use to gouge out an eye or lop off a hand? How do you get your players to sit still for it? And what's the cleanup like afterward? Do you mop up, or do you make them clean up their own mess? I think it might make my players take the game more seriously if they literally have some "skin in the game".

  4. Mate - I don't take no crap. I always attend my games with dice, books and a machete.