Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My Gaming Bag

My wonderful other half bought me an extra special present at the beginning of the year, just before my Dragon Warriors campaign started - a shoulder bag perfect to transport my gaming material in.

It was originally a laptop bag. It's got a long adjustable shoulder strap and a carry handle so you can carry it either way depending on the weight. It's also got a padded back so that the sharp-edged books and pads inside don't dig into you when you're walking along with it.

There's absolutely loads of space inside. It's split into two sections, so the rear one I use for my notes, pads and adventure details and the forward one I use for the books I'll be using during the game. There's enough space for a main hardback rulebook and good half-dozen or so supplements, so in the case of Dragon Warriors I can take everything I need and more for an evening's session.

In the front flap there's a zipped-up pouch in which I can keep up to four CDs quite safe, in case I feel the need for some atmospheric music. In this case I have Clannad's 'Legend', some Lord of the Rings soundtracks and the soundtrack to The 13th Warrior.

Under the flap and on the front of the bag is another zipped-up pouch, in which I put two bags of dice - one for my special GM dice and one filled with assorted dice in case anyone needs any.

All in all, an excellent bag and it perfectly suits my needs. If you want to know it's a Kensington Contour K63100.

It was a wonderful surprise to return from work to find this bag waiting for me, with a little good luck message from my wife in my new campaign. I'd not run a game since my aborted Warhammer FRP a couple of years ago and I was apprehensive about starting with new players and a new game. This bag took some of the pressure off - instead of jamming it all into an old backpack I was able to compartmemtalise everything and knew where to find it. My wife isn't a gamer - she did try but it just wasn't her thing - but she is a big nerd just like me and the closest she's got to roleplaying is message boards and a long stint on World of Warcraft (she got to level eighty as a priest and earned some amazing gear, was being invited as a healer on huge raids all the time by big guilds - that's some seriously good playing). It was great to have not only her support but her best wishes and that's more than I can ask for.

So I'm using this opportunity to thank my non-gamer wife for her support in my hobby. She has great ideas always asks how the game went and I love her dearly.

Big love to you, Lisa.

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