Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kickstarter - Tabletop Taverns, for RPGs and gamers.

Here's a cool Kickstarter for something I always think is a good idea for gaming tables - nice and easy scenery. 

For all 28, 35mm tabletop gamers, fold flat, easy store buildings which make a range of flat topped Inns and taverns with roofs.

'The artwork has been done by the awesome Mortis Logan.

The target we need to raise will pay for the print run of the card boxes and a payment for the artist.

A set of high quality fold flat boxes which enable the user to create many different layouts of Taverns and Inns. Produced on the same high quality 400gsm FBB, art board with the same excellent lithographic printing as the Towns and Castles sets we will work again with RCS Plc to maintain the high quality of the boxes.'

Roofs on TownsRoofs on Castles
Doors and Signs

Simply put, they are a set of practical, high quality, laminated, fold flat, cardboard buildings for use with any 28mm wargame/tabletop roleplaying system.

After many years of table top role-playing and dozens of self printed buildings used as props we really wanted a decent set of durable buildings that fold/stack away for easy storage and are almost infinitely reusable.

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