Saturday, 22 March 2014

Knightmare Convention 2014

There was an amazing TV show when I were a lad called 'Knightmare', and it had kids guiding their helmet-blinded friend through blue-screen worlds of tricks, traps and danger. It was great fun, and it's being shown every Saturday in the UK on Challenge TV. If you've not seen it or remember it as fondly as I do then check it out, it's really great fun.

A group of dudes have decided to try a convention in Norwich on 9 May 2014 - 11 May 2014, at EPIC studios - the studios in which the Knightmare was filmed. However, before the convention can go ahead, they need to raise enough money for the event. You can pledge here to help.

(from the Knightmare website) Knightmare was a fantasy adventure game show, shown on Children's ITV in the UK between 1987 and 1994. It was created and produced by Tim Child and was a Broadsword Television production for Anglia Television/ITV. The show made extensive use of the 'Cromakey' (blue screen) technique to generate rooms and scenes with different backgrounds and graphics.

The adventure was set mostly in a dungeon, and there were three 'levels' corresponding to difficulty. Teams of four took it in turns to challenge the dungeon to complete a 'quest' - usually to retrieve a symbolic object, such as a Crown or Shield. The dungeon master 'Treguard', and his assistant occasionally helped teams along their way as they solved problems, puzzles and riddles.

The 'dungeoneer' is the one person of the team who is guided through the adventure, and wears a helmet to blind them from reality. He or She is guided by the three other members of the team, known as their 'advisors', who sit in the dungeon ante-chamber and watch the adventure through a 'Magic Mirror'.

The object of each quest was decided at the start, and teams would be awarded with a medal or FrightKnight trophy upon successful completion.

Sounds like fun? Then help out as a sponsor. Go the the Knightmare Convention website for more details.


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