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A Frostgrave Scenario - The Well of Liars

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Although I’ve created this for Frostgrave it can be used as an encounter for most roleplaying games, especially if you enjoy using miniatures. If you’d like to see more of these one-shot encounters just let me know.

This is my first go at creating a proper Frostgrave scenario. The games I have been involved in have been the published ones with a few custom maps created on the fly. I’ve watched some huge battles take place with four players at my local gaming club, so if you do have more than two players up for this then just increase the table size.

The Well of Liars is a deep hole in the ground where, if the carvings on the walls are to be believed, liars and cheats were tossed in and kept alive by powerful magic. Now the magic has faded and the dead are climbing from the well…


This can be played on a 3 by 3 table. It is mostly barren with a 2-inch circular well in the very centre. Each corner and half-way point between each corner of the table needs to be numbered in order, so there should be eight in total. You can place small amounts of scenery, such as fallen columns or boulders, but there needs to be a clear line of sight from the well to the number on the edge of the board.

Four treasure tokens should be placed randomly within 3 inches of the well.


Every round, during the Creature Phase, a skeleton will emerge from the well and run at full speed in a random direction. Roll 1D20 and halve the result, rounding up.  The number rolled is the number at the edge of the board the skeleton will run towards. If a 9 or 10 is rolled, the skeleton remains at the well and the D20 is rolled during the Creature Phase in the next round. Another skeleton will emerge if there is one still at the well or not, and will need to be rolled for independently.

The skeletons will ignore the player’s warbands in an attempt to escape the horrors of the well; however, if they come within 2 inches of any player’s model they will attack. If the player breaks combat the skeleton will not pursue and continue on their flight to the edge of the board.

With players trying to get to the treasure and fend off the skeletons, it should make for an interesting game!


Treasure and experience is as standard Frostgrave rules.

Disclaimer: This is a fan-created scenario designed for fun. It is in no way endorsed or supported by Osprey Publishing. Frostgrave is copyrighted by the relevant owners and no infringement is intended.

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