Tuesday, 7 July 2009

... and I want it now!

I've got that bug again, the really crawly one where my heart tells me to buy any RPG I see to add to my collection. That I don't have anymore thanks to Ebay. I've been looking at Dark Heresy, Starblazer Adventures and Dragon Warriors and I'd love to buy them but my head is saying 'Shtop! You'll never play the bloody things!' I'm barely getting in a weekly session of D&D and I'm loving the game but I want to get my teeth into some roleplaying meat, tell some stories and play some characters.

In short, I want to GM again. I want to create a story, create some NPCs, throw an adventure at players and just make shit up on the spot. I want to get involved with a campaign and have a goal far off in the distance and have the PCs travel, work and fight to attain it.

I need to do dome serious roleplaying, dammit. I need to do it before my imagination boiler reaches full pressure and the creative outlet valve fails and pisses it all away.

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