Monday, 20 July 2009

Monday Musings

It's Monday.

That should pretty much explain my mental state right now. I've done no proper roleplaying over the weekend, apart from doing some kick-ass dungeons in WoW with my wife. Now that was fun. My Dwarf Hunter character Burgen (EU Azuremyst PvE server) is doing well. Level 47 and rising. I just wish that some other players weren't such dickheads - I know you're level eighty, I know you're bored, but slaughtering all the traders in Booty Bay whilst I'm in the middle of trading 'because it's fun' is pretty pathetic. There should be a cover charge on top of the monthly subscriptions to keep out the riff-raff.

I've decided to go ahead and order a print copy of Dragon Warriors - that's how much I like it. I tried to get by with the PDF but I prefer to have the real thing in my hands. I love the atmosphere of the game, not just the feel of the setting but how the game makes me yearn for my younger days as a fledgling RPGamer in the 1980s. I just want to sit down, put on some gentle music in the background and immerse myself in the book. As soon as I've absorbed it I'm getting a game together.

I've been toying with the idea of putting together a wargame/RPG club in the Lichfield area where I live. Here in the Midlands of England there are plenty of other clubs in Cannock, Birmingham and Nuneaton, but I was thinking of something more central. I've looked into booking rooms and costs but that's pretty much it - if anyone has any idea of what to do, or better still has any experience in running a club, then please give me some pointers.

I'm still enjoying D&D 4e but at the moment the whole game seems to revolve around battlemats and combat. I've not used figures in RPGs for twenty years and so the game feels more like a tactical boardgame at the moment. It's time for me to get stuck in to my character and try to get some roleplaying going. We're hoping to record the next session and release it as a podcast through Farsight Games and so I'll let you know. The last game was really funny and it's a shame we didn't record it. Hopefully if we do tape a session the tabletop camaraderie won't feel forced as we'll all be conscious of the fact that we're being recorded.

Talking of podcasts, let me direct your attention to where you'll find 'the greatest show in gaming'. It's a show about games, strangely enough, and is well worth your time.

And that's about it. My Monday blog post. Let's recap - not much happened.


  1. I'm loving RPGCircus too. It's got a friendly sort of lilt to it.

  2. no..its "funn" to kill people you need to trade with in Booty Bay. it must be Funn because it has 2x n's....she used to have a dk..what do you expect lol.

    oh and i hate the word noob...grrr