Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Twitter RPG Design Challenge

Here's a challenge for you - design a tabletop roleplaying game that fits onto a single Twitter entry*. The best will get a free PDF copy of my League of Seven game. I'm not kidding - you'll need two or three words for setting and a few for the system. Its a challenge, alright.

For example: Cyberpunk Vampires roll 1d6+4 for STRENGTH, COMBAT+CHARISMA skill levels,roll below skill level on 2D6 for skill checks,1D3 damage on hits

Results will be revealed on August 19th, so you have a month to write a single sentence. Get twittering!

*140 characters, including spaces. You can post them on Twitter or in the comments below but you must send your entry to farsightgames (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk. If you go over the 140 character limit you will be automatically disqualified.


  1. im going to design a game that revolves around evil unicorns and demented tooth fairies with added twang in the form of one eyed easter bunnies.

  2. "Dragon souls hiding in cat bodies. Divide 10 points between attributes: flight, fire-breath, magic. D10+Attribute vs. difficulty to succeed."

    140 characters exactly :-)