Friday, 24 July 2009

Dungeon Design - Monster images

I've been messing about with Microsoft Paint again and came up with these in about fifteen minutes:

I'm setting up a whole page of different monsters, from trolls to goblins to orcs to demons, in GIF format so that I can cut and paste them from one file into the main dungeon floorplan file. The colours are a bit sharp but that's not a problem, and I can modify them as I see fit to suit the room, which takes just minutes. Fair enough, the goblin on the right looks like a purple Superman with a rattle, but it's early days yet.

I'm also wondering if I should design the whole thing first, or blog it bit by bit as I design it. People can click on the images for full-sized versions that they can print, and they can take the room details directly from the text in the blog post - copy and paste is our friend.

No Funny Friday RPG story today, because I don't have any more. Roleplaying is a serious hobby, damn you! Serious! Saying that, we recorded our D&D 4e session last night - it's not really suitable for podcasting, to be honest - and that was great fun. The best line, I think, was something like, 'But, Jason, we really respect you as a DM... you po-faced motherf***er.'


  1. MS Paint? You're some sort of nutter, aren't you?

  2. lol Too true - but it's fast, easy, and I can do it at work in my lunch break. Plus, I'm not up to speed on more complicated drawing apps so it's mainly down to my own laziness. :)