Thursday, 30 July 2009

A ‘We’re Bored!’ Chart for you

Are your players wandering about? Not sure what’s going to happen next because the PCs have derailed the plot?

Then welcome to Farsight Games' Totally Tried and Tested Table of Titbits. Simply roll 1D20 – the result is what happens next.

1 - Party is attacked by a wandering monster.
2 - Party is attacked by a wandering monster looking for directions.
3 - Mysterious small cartoonish white-haired but balding man in red robes appears who says he can get you home but won’t just tell you straight how to do it.
4 - A dragon falls out of the sky, lands heavily on a randomly chosen character, gasps, ‘The money’s in the…’ and then dies.
5 - Tapdancing goblin.
6 - Attacked by 1D6 lethargic orcs who really can’t be bothered.
7 - Approached by a random NPC who wants to sell them time-shares in a glorious castle by the sea, overlooking Passion Lagoon, honestly, it’s just beautiful...
8 - Tapdancing goblin.
9 - It starts to rain... Acid rain!
10 - Nothing happens. Some tumbleweed rolls past.
11 - Three talking mice engage the PCs in a theological conversation about the existence of Squeesquee, the Rodent God.
12 - A spaceship lands and three aliens attempt to invade the whole game world with a rubber band and a wooden club.
13 - Tapdancing goblin.
14 - Car chase! No matter what the genre!
15 - Intermission. All the players must go to the lobby for snacks.
16 - Ninja Pirate attack! No matter what the players say, all games benefit from the inclusion of Ninjas and Pirates. Ninja Pirates is just gaming gold.
17 - Tapdancing goblin.
18 - Random NPC tries to seduce one of the PCs.
19 - Bar fight! Even if they’re not in a bar!
20 - Two tapdancing goblins.