Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dungeon Design Floorplan Test

I've been thinking some more about my idea of doing a large dungeon, designing it bit by bit over a period of time, and this was my primary idea for the floorplans.
Using very simple Microsoft Paint, I got hold of a GIF image of a some squared paper, large enough for me to draw on.

Then I used Microsoft paint and added detail. It was very simple - thick and thin lines for the walls and doors, circles for the fountain in the centre, and then use the fill function to detail the difference between the space in the room and the rock walls. The figures (in this case simple bandits with swords and shields) I drew seperately and then copied and pasted in, rotating the image as I saw fit to suit.

The whole thing took me ten minutes. There might be a bit more detail to add to other rooms, but I'm looking at half an hour to do a room, and then add text details to flesh it out. The best thing is that the finished image won't be any larger than 30kb. With text, that's barely 50 kb per room, so putting it all into an easily printable file should be a doddle.

It's looking quite promising.

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