Thursday, 9 July 2009


You know, I spend that much time wittering about RPGs and game design that I'm not actually getting anything done. My brain is filled with ideas and I talk a hell of a lot about writing this shit down and printing it but I never get to it. I talk about how cool games are and the way I'd like to play but never actually sit down and do it. I'm more interested in sharing my ideas and announcing my intentions than I am about getting anything done.

What pains me the most is that I've neglected what is supposed to be my passion - writing fiction. Since I wrote and published some of my short stories in 'Those Dark Places' I've done nothing new. I know what I want to write and I've wanted to write it for years. At the moment I'm just doing the quick fix; oooh, release another short and sweet SKETCH game, knock up some simple rules for magazine format rules system, knock out a quick article for ODDS... it's not fulfilling my drive to create. They're just fillers. I enjoy them - I even get a kick out of it - but they're all short-term solutions to my long-term problem.

I need to write and, mostly, I need to create.

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