Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Grateful (to the) Dead

It's World of Warcraft time.
I just want to take a moment and thank a Horde Undead Mage called, I think, 'Zets', on the EU Azuremyst server.
My level 49 Alliance Dwarf Hunter Burgen was beset by Gnolls in Feralas and was about to get his arse kicked, when Zets came along and saved the day. He saved my bacon, enabling me to complete the escort mission I was on, and even gave me a hearty salute before riding on. What a dude.
So - Thank you, Zets.
A few weeks ago a Tauren Shaman did the same thing for me in the Alterac Mountains but I never got his/her name. But thank you, all the same.
Methinks I'll be trying out a Horde character next time I start a new game. For a bunch of evil bastards they're really nice people.

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